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AQP106 Pentair Niche
AQP106 Pentair Niche
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The Ugly Yellow Dot – How Far We Have Come

When I first came to Clark Synthesis, the Underwater Speaker was a relatively new product called the Aquasonic Underwater Loudspeaker, and it was really ugly. The speaker was yellow. The cord was yellow. The speaker came with an optional float that was first black, then white. Though the product sounded amazing, it lacked any aesthetic appeal.    Customers hated the yellow color. When mounted with [...]

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  • Important Considerations for Delivering Great Underwater Audio

Important Considerations for Delivering Great Underwater Audio

Today, Clark Synthesis delivers underwater audio that sounds amazingly good to the human ear. Producing great music underwater is similar to producing great music in the air. But there are some important differences. Pay attention to the differences and you will be successful delivering your own underwater music experience. All high quality audio reproduction starts with high quality source material. CD quality audio will sound better then MP3 audio. Lossy compressed audio will not sound as rich as lossless compressed audio. If you are using a streaming service as your [...]

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  • Speakers in Saltwater Pools – A Disturbing Discoloration

Speakers in Saltwater Pools – A Disturbing Discoloration

Today, more people are installing Clark Synthesis Underwater Speakers in saltwater pools. While customers are very pleased with the underwater music, a few witness a disturbing side effect. It looks like the speaker is rusting and the rust is running down the side of the pool. Yuck! Let’s see if we can figure out what is going on…  In the 1700s scientists were developing the first rudimentary batteries. The first reliable battery [...]

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  • What Does An Underwater Speaker Sound Like?

What Does An Underwater Speaker Sounds Like – Universal Orlando Surfside Inn – iPhone 11

How good does an Underwater Speaker sound? We created a video so you can hear what the Clark Synthesis AQ339 sounds like. Now you can judge for yourself.  Most people expect underwater audio to sound awful, and most underwater sounds just don’t make it very clearly to human ears. Clark Synthesis is different, and I want to show you how the music sounds when played with a [...]

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  • Underwater Loudspeaker Warranty

Are You Crazy??? Six Year Diluvio™ Underwater Loudspeaker Warranty

This is a very vulnerable story, a story that most companies would rather keep hidden. This story reveals the history of a product’s weaknesses, how we overcame those weaknesses, and something about a grandmother’s underwear. I came to Clark Synthesis in 2006.  At that time, Clark Synthesis had the best Underwater Loudspeaker in the industry. The Diluvio™ was, and [...]

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The “Secret” of Diluvio™ Underwater Loudspeakers

It’s fun to see the amazement on people’s faces. The first time people hear the Diluvio™ Underwater Loudspeaker, they marvel at the beautifully clear underwater music.    Why are our customers so surprised?   Well, think about your own life experience.  The first time you listened to underwater sounds may have been the first time you put your head under the water.  [...]

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Universal’s Surfside Inn & Suites Resort

A surfboard shaped swimming pool.  Now that is really cool!!! Recently I was in Orlando and had a chance to drop by the Surfside Inn and Suites resort – part of Universal Studios Florida.  This is one of Universal’s newest resorts and, like Cabana Bay, offers a more affordable way to stay on property while visiting the parks. Someone came up [...]

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  • Manatee Testing in Florida with Underwater speakers

Manatee Hearing Testing In Florida

After receiving a grant from the Florida Marine Research Institute, a group from New College of Florida began conducting experiments to analyze the hearing capabilities of West Indian Manatees. Utilizing several Clark Synthesis Aquasonic Underwater Speakers, the study is designed to determine how well manatees recognize specific sounds. The hope is that by better understanding the manatees’ hearing ability, wildlife managers will be [...]

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  • Sea Turtle Hearing Studies

Sea Turtle Hearing Studies

Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Fla., conducted hearing studies with two resident loggerhead sea turtles, Shelley and Montego. Using Clark Synthesis Aquasonic Underwater Speakers, we investigated how well these sea turtles can detect the direction sounds come from. By participating voluntarily in this study, Shelley and Montego are helping us understand how well sea turtles perceive the direction of sounds, including the frequencies [...]

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Liquid Vibrations Therapy Pool

Liquid Vibrations is a charity registered in England since 2013. We provide underwater listening sessions combined with aquatic body therapy to people with special and complex needs. The sessions serve to: Promote relaxation Provide educational and emotional benefits Enhance general well being We also provide basic Watsu training to the carers at the school, this is a life-long skill. We are currently working with [...]

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Can I drop a speaker into my swimming pool?2020-08-11T16:04:00-06:00

Yes! Attach a rope one of the holes in the rubber ring. Use the rope to lower the speaker into the swimming pool, and to raise the speaker from the swimming pool.

How do I mount a speaker in my swimming pool?2021-04-01T13:57:04-06:00

Click here to see the installation guide for the AQ339.

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