It’s fun to see the amazement on people’s faces. The first time people hear the Diluvio™ Underwater Loudspeaker, they marvel at the beautifully clear underwater music.   

Why are our customers so surprised?   Well, think about your own life experience.  The first time you listened to underwater sounds may have been the first time you put your head under the water.  You couldn’t help but notice that the sounds were muffled and distorted.  Maybe you played that childhood game where you and a friend put your heads underwater.  Your friend would say something.  You would both surface and you would try to guess what your friend said.  Rarely could you guess it correctly. The game didn’t last for long, as you quickly learned that underwater sounds are not worth listening to.   

Customers with this experience often ask, “What do your underwater speakers sound like?”  I like to answer the question from my personal experience. “Clark Synthesis Underwater Loudspeakers sound amazing!  Years ago, I helped set up sound systems for national synchronized swimming events.  I loved using Vivaldi when setting the underwater speaker levels.  Why?  Underwater, the violins and cellos sound like magic.” 

How does Clark Synthesis do it?  How do we deliver such rich sounding music, from classical to rock, that puts smiles on people’s faces?  I’ll share with you our “secret.”

But, first, a little background.  The loudspeakers in your home theater and car are designed to deliver sound into air.  Those speakers literally push the air to create the sounds that you hear.  This works because air is light and is easy to push.  Not so with water.  Water is heavy and very hard to push.   Just try pushing air with your hand, then try pushing water with your hand.  You can feel the difference. This is why traditional speakers cannot work underwater.  Clark Synthesis takes a different approach. 

Fine instruments, like violins and cellos, use a very different method to produce sound.  The beautiful music radiates from the instrument’s surfaces.  (For a detailed, technical explanation of how a violin does this, check out this article)

Our underwater loudspeakers work the same way as these fine instruments.  They radiate the music into the water.  This unique approach to reproducing underwater sound is what makes Clark Synthesis Underwater Loudspeakers the only speakers that reproduce low, mid, and high frequencies, and is why they sound amazing!   

Click here to watch the video  to learn more about our “secret” 

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