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TST Wiring

We recommend 16 gauge wire for up to 50 feet of length; 14 gauge wire for 50 feet to 150 feet; 12 gauge for distanced greater than 150 feet.

This means both TSTs are wired the same way to the amplifier.

TST Mounting

Ventilation is not always required. However, warmer climates and environments may require ventilation. Contact Clark Synthesis for specific recommendations.

We recommend 3 inches of clearance.

We recommend the TST329 Gold TST for dirty environments. We recommend the AW339 for dirty environments that may be extremely damp.

TST Amplifier

Yes. Be sure to wire the TSTs in-phase so they all work together.

We recommend a 125 watt amplifier at 4 ohms for the TST239 and a 150 watt amplifier at 4 ohms for the three-series and four-series TSTs.

Tactile Sound

Yes!  Clark Synthesis TSTs are used in therapy chairs, therapy beds, massage tables, etc. If you do a Google search for Vibroacoustic, you will find many products that contain Clark Synthesis TSTs.

Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Transducers (TSTs) transform pure audio as electrical energy into pure audio as vibrational energy.  TSTs are much more than shakers.  Shakers only make things shake.  TSTs faithfully reproduce audio signals bringing new levels of realism and enjoyment to VR spaces, Home Theaters, Simulators, Movie Theaters, etc.

Tactile Sound is pure audio that is felt through touch and is heard through bone conduction.


Sorry, the TSTs are not designed to be repaired outside of Clark Synthesis. Please contact us if you would like us to look at your broken TST. Also, any TST, working or not, still has value. Contact us to learn how much your broken TST is worth towards a new TST.

Sometimes we can, and sometimes we cannot.  Is the broken TST under warranty? If so, we can replace it.  If the TST is not under warranty, we can offer you a trade-in on the broken TST towards a brand new TST.

Absolutely. Every TST has value even if it’s not working. Please contact us for the latest trade-in pricing.

Contact Clark Synthesis to get a Return Authorization Number and instructions on how to return your TST.


Clark Synthesis OEM customers can contact Clark Synthesis for support.

Parts Express provides TST209 technical support for their customers.  You can email Parts Express at  Or you can call Parts Express at 1-800-338-0531

Home Theater

Click here for a mounting guide.

Click here to watch the video.

Click here for a mounting guide.

Click here for a mounting guide.

Home Theater Platform

Yes. Click here for a link to the TST installation guide.

Isolation Feet

It depends on where the TSTs are located. Are the TSTs mounted directly to your chairs? Then we recommend you put isolation feet on those chairs. Are your TSTs mounted to a platform? Then we recommend you put isolation feet on the platform instead of the chairs.

You want to replace the existing feet of the chair or sofa with isolation feet.

Using a platform or riser? We recommend an isolation foot every 16 inches.

Isolation feet keep the tactile sound vibrations from leaking into the floor. This means that more of the TST’s output stay in the chair/platform. This improves the tactile experience.

Click here to watch the video.

Contact us about your application. We are delighted to make recommendations.

Commercial Simulator

Military and commercial training simulators provide the most realistic training environments possible. Clark TST’s Audio Accurate™ faithfully reproduce the vibrations experienced in the cockpits of fighter an commercial jets, helicopters, tanks, etc. No other product even comes close.

Spa/Hot Tub

We recommend using one TST for smaller hot tubs and two for larger hot tubs.

The AW339 is a great addition to your spa/hot tub. We recommend one transducer for a small hot tub and two transducers for a large hot tub.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Get to the underside of your hot tub.

Step 2. Decide where to put your transducers.

Step 3. Clear out any insulation so that you can reach the fiberglass wall.

Step 4. You may have to sand the fiberglass wall to make it flat and smooth. (CAUTION: if you sand down the fiberglass, wear proper breathing protection, eye protection and skin protection).

Step 5. Use a two-part slow-cure epoxy to attach the Unimount Brackets to the fiberglass wall.  The Unimount Brackets are included with the AW339s.

Step 6. Wait for the epoxy to fully cure.

Step 7.  Attach each AW339 to each Unimount Bracket.

Step 8. Wire the AW339s to your sound system and enjoy!

TST ProSound

Prosound429 Thumpers provide tactile monitoring for musicians and vocalists while also reducing stage noise.

Some guitarists will build a wedge for the stage and put a Prosound429 Thumper in that wedge. They can then place their foot on the wedge to feel the beat.

Wherever the musicians are on the stage, a Prosound429 Thumper is mounted in their seating  or under the stage. This makes it possible for all of the musicians to perform perfectly in sync.

Drummers mount The Prosound429 Thumper to their drum thrones for direct tactile feedback. The Prosound429 eliminates the need for feedback speakers. This help save a drummer’s hearing and reduces stage noise.

Check out this video to learn more!

Pianists mount Prosound429 Thumpers under their bench. Now the pianist doesn’t have to have endure the kick drum in their in-ear monitors.

A Thumper is a TST designed for the Prosound market – The Prosound429 Thumper.  The The Prosound429 mounts under a drum throne, piano stool, the stage, or a platform. The kick drum is often routed to the The Prosound429 so musicians can feel the beat and play perfectly in sync.

Virtual Reality

We recommend the Audio AccurateTM TST429. It can be mounted under the floor in the stage area. Now you can feel the explosions! You will love the way the TST429 injects reality into the VR experience!

Deaf & Hard of Hearing

TSTs are mounted under the dance floor so that dancers can feel the beat in their feet!  Now all of the dancers can dance in sync.

TSTs are either mounted under the floor or under the seats. This provides the Deaf & Hard of Hearing community the opportunity to feel the music.

TSTs are mounted under the stage for the performers. They can feel the music through their feet. TSTs are also mounted in the seats for the audience. The audience can now feel the music.

Specialty Product

The Diluvio™ Underwater Loudspeaker is best for underwater locations. The AW339 All-Weather TST is best for use in humid environments.

The AW339 All-Weather TST is best for use in wet or damp environments.

Swimming Pool Mounting

Yes! Attach a rope one of the holes in the rubber ring. Use the rope to lower the speaker into the swimming pool, and to raise the speaker from the swimming pool.

Click here to see the installation guide for the AQ339.

Swimming Pool Wiring

Yes. We are delighted to build a custom speaker for your swimming pool. Contact us for pricing and lead time.

The Diluvio™ comes with 100 feet (30.5 meters) of underwater cable attached.

Need a longer cable?  We can make speakers with longer cables upon request.

No. You can splice the new speaker into the old cable. You can get an underwater splice kit from your local electrical supply store.

Swimming Pool- How Many and Where

Yes. Send us a PDF of your pool. We will review the pool design, ask some questions, then make recommendations.  This service is provided at no cost.

Are you dropping them in? It takes four Diluvio™ speakers to cover an Olympic swimming pool. Do you want to permanently mount the speakers? If so, please contact us for recommendations.

It depends on the size of your pool. We recommend one speaker for every 20 foot x20 foot area (6 meters x 6 meters area). Click here to learn more about speaker placement.

Click here to watch the video.

Swimming Pool Chemicals

Yes. To prevent minerals from building up on the speaker, make sure that the sacrificial anode is working.


Yes. You can mount one or more AW339s on the inside of the hull. We recommend using a slow cure two-part epoxy to attach Unimount Brackets to the hull. The Unimount Brackets are included with the AW339s. Then mount the AW339s to the Unimount Bracket.  You will enjoy the music both above and below the water!


Diluvio™ Underwater Loudspeakers provide the music for Mermaid Shows. Many of the performers know and love Clark Synthesis speakers from their days in synchronized swimming.


The AW339 comes with all the mounting hardware that you will need. For more information, click HERE.

Since most wood decks are made with soft woods, we recommend one AW339 for every 4 foot X 4 foot (1.2 meter x 1.2 meter) area.

Having a subwoofer on your deck is wonderful for outdoor sound, but might be irritating to your neighbors. AW339s produces subwoofer signals above and below a wood deck. Your neighbors will never know.


Yes! We recommend the TST329 Gold for automotive seating. Install a piece of hardwood, like oak, across the base of each seat, usually where the seats are mounted to the floor. Then attach the TSTs to the hardwood. Power them with the proper amplifier, and enjoy!


Click HERE to let us know of your interest in selling/installing Clark Synthesis products.

Click HERE to let us know of your interest in distributing Clark Synthesis products.

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