The Experience:

Relaxing in a spa after a long day is one of life’s wonderful pleasures.  The swirl of the hot water from jets and bubbles calms the body and the soul.  How can you possibly improve that experience?  When the hot tub is the music system, the enjoyment only gets better.  Buying a spa that plays music means that you will hear the music with your ears and with every bone in your body.  Not only can you hear the music with your ears, you can feel the music through your body.  The ordinary now becomes extraordinary. 

What Clark Synthesis Offers:

Clark Synthesis TST transducers are used by major hot tub and luxury bathtub manufacturers. They realize that their discerning customers want the best audio possible when they relax. By activating the entire spa, users experience the ultimate bathtub/hot tub/spa experience. They can hear the music through their ears and through bone conduction. The feel immersed in the water and in the music. Clark Synthesis transducers deliver full-frequency sound into the spa. 

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