Submerse™ Underwater Loudspeaker

The new Submerse™ Underwater Loudspeaker is the first commercial loudspeaker designed for installation in existing swimming pools. This speaker produces 4x the sound of any niche-mounted speaker. How? By projecting sound from the front and eight sides. This approach produces the best audio coverage of any underwater loudspeaker.

While all current underwater loudspeakers are available in a single color, the Submerse™ is available in multiple colors to compliment any pool’s décor.

Available First Quarter of 2023.

As a retrofit for existing swimming pools, Submerse™ brings the enjoyment of underwater music to customers of all ages. The beautiful, rich sound enhances any pool. Lap swimming is more enjoyable. Adults relaxing in the water appreciate listening to and feeling the music. Children and grandchildren love this new dimension of fun.

Gone are the days of expensive retrofits. No more suspending a speaker in a pool with a rope. There are four mounting options available today:

  • To the pool wall.
  • To an active return line
  • To a passive return line
  • To a light niche.

If the speaker requires service, extra cable is contained inside the speaker. This allows the technician to effect repairs on the pool deck. There is no requirement to drain the pool.

The Submerse™ Underwater Loudspeaker will be available first quarter of 2023.

The Submerse™ Underwater Loudspeaker is manufactured in Colorado, USA, and comes with a five year manufacturer’s warranty. Distribution is available worldwide.  US and International Patents Pending.