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Swimming Pool
The Experience:

Listening to music underwater is a wonderfully unique experience. Cellos and violins take on a magical quality in a swimming pool. Children and teens have more fun when the music continues below the waterline. Lap swimmers enjoy their workouts like never before. Resort guests spend more time in the water and tell their friends how wonderful the swimming pools are.

What Clark Synthesis Offers:

The Diluvio™ Underwater Speaker is the only underwater speaker that delivers full-frequency underwater sound. Music sounds so much better when all of the music is delivered, not just the upper frequencies. The Diluvio™ delivers audio from 20 Hz to 17 kHz – a claim no other underwater speaker can make. The impedance mismatch between the speaker and the water has been overcome, delivering a clear and rich musical experience.

The Ugly Yellow Dot – How Far We Have Come

When I first came to Clark Synthesis, the Underwater Speaker was a relatively new product called the Aquasonic Underwater Loudspeaker, and it was really ugly. The speaker was yellow. The cord was yellow. The speaker came with an [...]

By |January 27th, 2021|

Important Considerations for Delivering Great Underwater Audio

Today, Clark Synthesis delivers underwater audio that sounds amazingly good to the human ear. Producing great music underwater is similar to producing great music in the air. But there are some important differences. Pay attention to the differences and you will be successful delivering your own underwater music experience. All high [...]

By |January 20th, 2021|

Speakers in Saltwater Pools – A Disturbing Discoloration

Today, more people are installing Clark Synthesis Underwater Speakers in saltwater pools. While customers are very pleased with the underwater music, a few witness a disturbing side effect. It looks like the speaker is rusting and the rust is running down the [...]

By |January 13th, 2021|
Can you help me figure out where to place Diluvio™ Underwater Loudspeakers in my swimming pool?2022-02-28T13:52:07-07:00

Yes. Send us a PDF of your pool. We will review the pool design, ask some questions, then make recommendations.  This service is provided at no cost.

How many Diluvio™ Underwater Loudspeakers does it take to cover an Olympic pool?2022-02-28T13:52:16-07:00

Are you dropping them in? It takes six Diluvio™ speakers to cover an Olympic swimming pool. Do you want to permanently mount the speakers? If so, please contact us for recommendations.

Can I purchase the Diluvio™ Underwater Loudspeaker with a longer cable?2022-02-28T13:52:25-07:00

Yes. We are delighted to build a custom speaker for your swimming pool. Contact us for pricing and lead time.

How much underwater cable is attached to the Diluvio™ Underwater Speaker?2022-02-28T13:52:34-07:00

The Diluvio™ comes with 100 feet (30.5 meters) of underwater cable attached.

Need a longer cable?  We can make speakers with longer cables upon request.

Can I drop a speaker into my swimming pool?2022-02-28T13:53:44-07:00

Yes! Attach a rope one of the holes in the rubber ring. Use the rope to lower the speaker into the swimming pool, and to raise the speaker from the swimming pool.

How do I mount a speaker in my swimming pool?2022-02-28T13:54:35-07:00

Click here to see the installation guide for the AQ339.

Are TSTs used in wellness products?2020-08-11T15:50:51-06:00

Yes!  Clark Synthesis TSTs are used in therapy chairs, therapy beds, massage tables, etc. If you do a Google search for Vibroacoustic, you will find many products that contain Clark Synthesis TSTs.

What are Tactile Sound Transducers (TSTs)?2020-08-11T15:50:28-06:00

Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Transducers (TSTs) transform pure audio as electrical energy into pure audio as vibrational energy.  TSTs are much more than shakers.  Shakers only make things shake.  TSTs faithfully reproduce audio signals bringing new levels of realism and enjoyment to VR spaces, Home Theaters, Simulators, Movie Theaters, etc.

Does the Diluvio Underwater Speaker work in a salt-water pool?2020-08-11T14:36:22-06:00

Yes. To prevent minerals from building up on the speaker, make sure that the sacrificial anode is working.

How many Diluvio Underwater Loudspeakers do I need in my swimming pool?2021-04-01T13:55:30-06:00

It depends on the size of your pool. We recommend one speaker for every 20 foot x20 foot area (6 meters x 6 meters area). Click here to learn more about speaker placement.

Click here to watch the video.

I’m replacing an underwater speaker. Do I have to replace the speaker cable?2020-08-11T14:35:20-06:00

No. You can splice the new speaker into the old cable. You can get an underwater splice kit from your local electrical supply store.

What is Tactile Sound?2020-08-11T14:27:50-06:00

Tactile Sound is pure audio that is felt through touch and is heard through bone conduction.

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