AW439 All-Weather™ Pro 2X Transducer2023-05-24T11:24:31-06:00
AW439 All-Weather™ Pro 2X Transducer
AW439 All-Weather™ Pro 2X Transducer

Turn any outdoor environment into an interactive experience with the AW439 All-Weather™ Pro 2X. The AW439 provides ultimate performance and output of full-fidelity, full-frequency sound with a frequency response from 5hz to 17kHz. This Transducer was designed for use in all outdoor environments where people live, and activates an area up to 4 times the size of the AW339 All-Weather™ Pro.

Key Features:

  • Transform your wood deck into a subwoofer
  • Create an immersive art exhibit by adding Haptic Feedback
  • Easy Mounting