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Virtual Reality
The Experience:

When you put on the VR headset, you want the most complete experience possible. It’s tactile sound that takes you from virtual to reality. How? In the real world, you brain takes cues from all the senses to build reality. When any cues are missing, like the purr of a car engine, like the feel in your feet when an elevator goes up or down, like what your body experiences when a bomb goes off. When those cues are missing, your brain quickly figures out that what you are seeing isn’t quite reality. But when the cues are there, the VR experience screams “It’s Real!”.

What Clark Synthesis Offers:

For over 20 years, Clark Synthesis has been providing the reality cues for military and commercial training simulators, theme park experiences, museums, etc. Today, we supply the transducers used in the top immersive VR experiences worldwide. Because our Transducers produce true audio tactile sound, the kind of tactile audio the experience creators want their customers to experience, our TST transducers are the top choice for the best VR productions in the world. When they need our products to reproduce subtle cues, like the feel of someone walking on the floor, no other products come close to the quality of reproduction. When designers want the floor to rumble with an earthquake, Clark TST transducers are their #1 choice.

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