The Experience:

Wouldn’t you like your gaming rig to give you the same experience that commercial and military training simulators give?  You can.  You can purchase and install the exact same Tactile Sound Transducers that Clark Synthesis has supplied to top training simulator manufacturers for or over 20 years.  Clark Transducers will elevate your enjoyment to new levels.

What Clark Synthesis Offers:

Clark Synthesis Gold and Platinum Transducers are the top choices for military and commercial training simulators.

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Comparing TSTs – There Is More to The Story

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By |October 14th, 2020|

Helping Those Who Save the Universe

Helping people working on the bleeding edge of new technology is one of the most enjoyable aspects of working at Clark Synthesis. Their companies develop theme park rides, training simulators, VR experiences, and home cinemas. These designers want the best experience for their customers, and search [...]

By |September 28th, 2020|

Knowledge Base Coming Soon…

Yes!  Clark Synthesis TSTs are used in therapy chairs, therapy beds, massage tables, etc. If you do a Google search for Vibroacoustic, you will find many products that contain Clark Synthesis TSTs.

Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Transducers (TSTs) transform pure audio as electrical energy into pure audio as vibrational energy.  TSTs are much more than shakers.  Shakers only make things shake.  TSTs faithfully reproduce audio signals bringing new levels of realism and enjoyment to VR spaces, Home Theaters, Simulators, Movie Theaters, etc.

Tactile Sound is pure audio that is felt through touch and is heard through bone conduction.

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