It is so much fun to play video games. Especially those games that put you in the center of the action. Whether driving race cars, flying airplanes and helicopters, or saving the world from evil, video games are a blast. You probably love your home setup, and have spent countless hours having fun. I hate to disappoint you, but there are some people having more fun than you.  

You know who has the most fun? It’s the guys to get to train in those very expensive military and commercial training simulators. Why? They get to experience the overwhelming feeling of reality. They fly commercial jets and fighter jets, like you do. They drive tanks and pilot boats. They fight enemy forces like you do. Their systems provide realistic graphics and controls, like you have. But unlike your home setup, these training simulators use motion and haptic feedback systems that accurately mimic the real world. To begin with, these very expensive systems use very expensive motion platforms like these. 

Motion platforms give the feeling of an aircraft turning at a steep angle. They can make a car feel like it’s banking around a curve. From thousands to millions of dollars, motion platforms and their control systems bring a measure of reality. But that is not enough. Top simulator manufacturers know that even more feedback is needed to make the experience feel entirely real.   

What is that additional feedback? It’s the vibrations that come from the device under simulation. It’s the rumble from the engines. It’s the feel of tires squealing, of helicopter blades cutting the air, of metal parts vibrating under load, the feeling of sideswiping another vehicle. It’s those vibrations that tell your brain that what you are experiencing is actually happening. It’s the haptic feedback your brain desires. 

How So, how do training simulator manufacturers add that reality? They install one or more Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Transducers. Simulator manufacturers love the TST329 Gold and the TST429 Platinum Transducers.

And do you know what is really cool?  Those are the exact same Clark Synthesis products that you can purchase today.   You can enhance your rig with the same haptic feedback products that major simulator manufacturers use in their training simulators.  That is awesome!!! 

Today we are releasing a video that shows how to mount a Clark Synthesis Transducer to a typical gaming chair.  The video features the TST329.  The TST329 Gold Transducer provides an amazing level of haptic feedback, even with resin seats. To see the products in use on a racing rig check out Sim and Driver’s YouTube channel.

We will be releasing more information in the future about attaching Clark Transducers to other gaming setups.  Be sure to subscribe to receive Clark Synthesis notifications. 

Happy gaming!