We are excited to announce that Jim Riley, drummer, and bandleader for Rascal Flatts, has signed an endorsement deal with Clark Synthesis.

For close to 20 years, Jim has toured with Rascal Flatts using the Prosound429 Thumper. “I started using them in the early 2000s and I haven’t looked back. I’ve had them on every touring kit that I’ve ever had.”  Jim uses two, though he will be quick to tell you that you can have “A Great Sonic Experience” using just one.

Jim also enjoys the Prosound429 Thumper on his throne at the Drum Dojo. I recently traveled to the Dojo to talk with Jim about his career and his love affair with the Clark Synthesis Thumper. Visiting Jim’s Drum Dojo in Nashville was an amazing experience. Students get to use drum kits from Jim’s many tours with Rascal Flatts. The walls are covered with memorabilia from Jim’s illustrious career. After a few minutes there, it starts to feel like sacred ground.

We have two videos for you from that trip. The first is a short 3-minute video where Jim talks about his experience with Clark Synthesis thumpers. You can see it here…

The second video is the full-length interview. Jim talks about being influenced at a young age by Peter Criss of KISS, playing professionally with Mark Chesnutt, and how it all started with Rascal Flatts. Jim talks about his instructional books, and what its like being a university professor. Jim also give more background on his extremely positive experience with the Prosound429 Thumper. You can see the full interview here…

In addition to playing with bands and touring, Jim recently completed his third drumming instruction book. He is currently a Professor Riley at Belmont University.

Did you know that you can take personal drumming lessons from Jim, both in-person and online? Check it out at jimrileymusic.com/lessons. You can also purchase his books and other fun items at jimrileymusic.com/store

When Rascal Flatts resumes touring, be sure to see their show. There you can watch Jim Riley work his magic and give the entire audience “A Great Sonic Experience.”