Table of Contents

00:10 | How did you first get into drumming?

01:46 | Tell us a bit about your experience being a part of Rascal Flatts

04:39 | When you are not playing with Rascal Flatts where else do you take your drumming?

07:02 | What inspired you to start the Drum Dojo?

08:25 | How does someone sign up for a private lesson with you?

08:47 | If someone is interested in joining your Drum Dojo Weekend what do they need to do?

09:29 | How have you adjusted to teaching online? Is it more challenging?

10:57 | I see you are now a Professor at Belmont University, what are you most excited about?

13:30 | How is your newest book, Improvisation Tools for the Modern Drummer different from your first book, Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer?

16:37 | When did you first try a Clark thumper?

22:50 | How does the Clark thumper enhance your drumming experience?

24:39 | How many thumpers do you have mounted to your throne? Why?

25:23 | Do you get the same experience using a Clark thumper at home as on stage?

25:50 | How would you feel if you could no longer use Clark thumpers?

27:25 | Tell us a bit about your plans for an online academy.