Accidents Happen – Replacing the AQ339 Sound Lens


  1. Use a screwdriver and a 7/16” wrench to loosen the wire clamp

  2. Remove the wire clamp from under the Face Ring tabs

  3. Remove the Face Ring and wire clamp from the speaker

  4. Remove the mounting gasket from the Sound Lens

  5. Use a sharp blade to cut and remove the silicone tape

  6. Use two 9/16” wrenches to loosen the jam nut

  7. Finish unscrewing the Sound Lens by hand

  8. Install the black rubber ring onto the new Sound Lens

  9. Screw the new Sound Lens onto the stud. DO NOT tighten the Sound Lens by hand!

  10. Use two 9/16” wrenches to tighten the jam nut

  11. Tightly wrap the piece of silicone tape around the jam nuts

If your AQ339 includes a Face Ring Kit, you should now re-install it