From professional installers to Do-It-Yourselfers, our customers love Clark Synthesis products for lots of reasons. For this blog, I want to focus on one of those reasons – how Clark Synthesis values our customer’s time. I wish all other companies would value their customer’s time 

Years ago, we sat down and figured out what mounting hardware was needed for over 98% of the applications that use Clark Synthesis Transducers. We include that hardware with each Transducer. Why do we do this? It comes from our own negative experiences wasting time and feeling frustration with hardware issues.  We do not want our customers to have those negative experiences with our products. Here is a personal example of negative experiences from a small home improvement project.

I purchased a couple of window shades from Lowes. The brand of shade is very well known and has an excellent reputation. When installing the shades, the mounting screws barely penetrated the wood behind the drywall. There is no way those shades would stay up for many years. I took the shades back to the store.  The woman at the returns counter said that lots of those shades were coming back. No surprise. It looks like someone was trying to save a few pennies, and was instead costing their company, the store, and myself a lot of money, time and frustration. What a waste! 

tried again, this time purchasing window shades at Home Depot. After mounting the shades, I discovered that a crucial part for opening and closing one of the shades was missing. It was late in the day when this defect was found, and I didn’t want to lose sleep taking the shade down and repackaging it. Could it be repaired? stopped by the store the next day and went to the window coverings area. The clerk said that it was a common problem with those shades. I think he felt sorry for me. He ripped the needed part out of the store demo and give it to me. Now that was customer service. I was able to install the component with the help of YouTube videos. This is such a common problem that there are YouTube videos about it. What a waste!    

Are you listening Lowes and Home Depot? 

At Clark Synthesis, we have a better idea. We include all the mounting hardware. The hardware is heavy duty and right sized. No pennies saved here. No wasted trips to the hardware store. No wasted time. No wasted gasoline. Installation goes faster, and everyone is happier. Our customers love it.   

For OEM customers we often supply the mounting hardware needed for each individual application. Because we purchase hardware in such high quantities, we can often supply the hardware at a lower cost than the OEM customer can purchase it themselves.  

What about when a customer needs to change the transducer mounting? We sell the mounting hardware by itself. This helps the customer get the right hardware for their product and application. 

We purchase and package the mounting hardware ourselves. Can I rant for a moment? We used to contract the hardware packaging to a local charityThis charity provided employment to developmentally disabled adults. Every time I visited the charity, the employees were having so much fun working together. This lasted until the Colorado government decided to “help” developmentally disabled adults with new regulations. Overnight, developmentally disabled adults became the most expensive unskilled labor in the state. This charity and others like it were forced to scale back or shut down operations. The adults we were working with lost a place to get together, lost the ability to earn money, and lost the dignity and pride that comes with work well done. They lost a lot of fun in their lives. What a waste! 

Thanks for letting me rant.  Now back to happier things. 

This week we introduce an instructional video for mounting the Prosound429 Thumper to a drum throne.  Hardware is included.  Hope you enjoy it.