The “Secret” of Diluvio Underwater Loudspeakers 

Have you ever wondered how underwater loudspeakers work?

They work very differently than home theater speakers.

Traditional speakers reproduce sound by creating pressure waves.

The speaker cone moves in and out to create pressure waves.

When the pressure waves reach your ear, you hear the music.

The density of air is 1.293 kg/m3. Creating pressure waves in air is relatively easy.

The density of water is 1,000 kg/m3, making water 773 times as dense as air.

Water’s high density makes it extremely difficult to create pressure waves.

So difficult that traditional speakers do not work underwater.

Clark Synthesis takes a different approach.

There are other ways to create music. You can sing. You can play a flute. Or you can play a cello.

A cello is amazing! The music radiates from all surfaces. No pressure wave required.

And a cello sounds beautiful.

Our underwater loudspeakers take the same approach. The sound radiates off all surfaces.

Just like a cello!!

And like a well-played cello, our underwater loudspeakers sound amazing!

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