You might be surprised to learn that many people use Tactile Sound Transducers to relax and feel better. 

I’ll admit – most of the time we talk about the realism and excitement that Tactile Sound Transducers add to theme park rides, training simulators, gaming rigs, and home theaters. While lots of people want another adrenaline rush, there are a significant number of people who want just the opposite.   

These people want to slow down. Adrenaline is the last thing they want their body to produce. If fact, they would be delighted to get into a recliner, turn on something soothing, and go to sleep. What do they use? Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Transducers.   

Can Tactile Sound Transducers really help you relax? Well, you don’t have to take our word for it. Here is what the authors say in this study published in 2019, “The results of the study indicated an improvement in feeling – a reduction in muscle tension, pain, fatigue, anxiety.”

Not only is Tactile Sound used for relaxation, it is also used for therapeutic applications. 

Some people are finding that Tactile Sound can reduce the amount of physical pain that they experience. Here is a 2018 research paper about back pain reduction from the Journal of Back and Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation. 

Here is another research article, this time from Pain Research and Management, that shows pain reduction in persons suffering with fibromyalgia. 

Can I ask a favor? Please do not call Clark Synthesis asking if our products will help with your particular pain. We are not doctors or therapists, and so we can’t answer your medical questions. However, if you want to try our products in your home, we can help with product selection, amplifier recommendations, and installation advice.   

For around twenty years we have supplied Transducers to massage table manufacturers, and they love them.  Why?  Because their customers love them.  There seems to be something about feeling enjoyable music while the Massage Therapist relaxes the muscles.  Here is a video for people interested adding Tactile Sound to their massage table.