Installing The Prosound429 Thumper Under A Drum Throne

  1. Flip the drum throne over

  2. Put masking tape where the mounting bracket will go

  3. Set the Thumper and Unimount Bracket on the masking tape

  4. Make sure the Thumper does not touch the stand

  5. Mark around the Unimount Bracket

  6. Place just the Unimount Bracket on the masking tape

  7. Mark four screw holes for the Unimount Bracket

  8. Drill the screw holes (0.14 in / 3.5 mm)

  9. Remove the masking tape

  10. Install the Unimount Bracket

  11. Insert the threaded stud (8-9 full revolutions)

  12. Place a jam nut on the stud and tighten with a 9/16 in. wrench

  13. Place a second jam nut on the stud but do not tighten

  14. Gently turn the Thumper onto the stud (5 full revolutions)

  15. Use two 9/16” wrenches to tighten the brass against the jam nut

  16. DO NOT turn the thumper by hand to tighten it!!!

  17. If you are mounting two Thumpers to your drum throne, repeat this process for the other side.


Clark Synthesis recommends mounting on either side of the drum throne, not the front or back.