One of the reasons I love working at Clark Synthesis began with an amazing experience I had early in my time at the company. I was new to the company and wanted to learn more about the products. So, I took a few TST429 Platinum Transducers home and installed them in my sofa I put a DVD into the player, and started watching the original Jurassic Park movie.   

Now, I had seen this movie many times and was looking forward to another enjoyable evening of Jeff Goldblum being terrorized. What happened next was unexpected. Do you remember the scene where the T-Rex starts attacking the children in the JeepIt’s night time, and the T-Rex is approaching. The tension mounts. It was typical Steven Spielberg – good directing, but a little silly.

As the scene progressed, I started feeling sensations that I have never felt before with this scene. First, I could feel my body tensing up. About halfway through the scene, my heart was pounding. I mean pounding really hard. My breathing was getting faster and shallower. Then, completely to my surprise, I started feeling real fear. “Wait,” I said to myself, “What is going on?  Why do I feel like cowering?  Why am I feeling afraid?”  

Then I realized that the Transducers were doing exactly what they were designed to do –providing the tactile cues that told my brain “What you are watching is real!” On a deep emotional level, I was coming to the realization that the children and everyone else were going to die horrible deaths. I might be next. 


I had wondered if the statements the company had made about the effects of Tactile Sound were correct. Now, I had no doubt. I understood, on a very personal level, why Clark Synthesis sells so many Transducers for military and commercial training simulators, theme park attractions, and home theaters.   

More recently the Virtual Reality world is starting to discover what I learned those many years ago, others have known for over two decades.