Have you ever wondered how Clark Transducers insert reality?
Perhaps you are familiar with shakers
Shakers shake. That’s it? No accuracy. No fidelity.
Some shakers rotate an offset weight.
Some shakers slam a weight into each end of a cylinder.
Both create simple vibrations, but little of what is experienced in the real world
Clark Synthesis takes a different approach.
When an earthquake happens, the movement creates a complex combination of waveforms.
P Waves, S Waves, Raleigh Waves, and Love Waves inject earthquake information into a person’s body.
When a bomb detonates, P waves and S waves emanate from the blast site.
The P waves and S waves are distinctive based on the bomb used.
To reproduce a realistic earthquake, bomb blast, or other haptic effect, accuracy is required.
Clark Transducers precisely recreate complex haptic waveforms
That’s why Clark Synthesis Transducers are used in top training simulators
In major theme park attractions
In Virtual Reality stages
And in top home theaters
Tactile Sound. Large Scale Haptic Feedback. Active, Tactile, Proprioceptive, World-Grounded Haptics. Whatever you call it…
Since 1994, Clark Synthesis – The Technology Leader