The Sensory Van, also known as Alice in Wondervan, is the first and only traveling immersive sensory vibroacoustic van!  Traditional Vibroacoustic Technology is a sound therapy that involves passing pure low-frequency sine waves into the body via the vibrations of tactile transducers. The Sensory Van does it with an artistic flair by using four large 8” Clark Synthesis TST209 Transducers, two JBL overhead speakers and two JBL subwoofers, designed with love by audiophiles, TJ Rivers of Venturhaus, April Maple, and Arin Levy.

Imagine front row status to a concert that you can feel with your entire body, without the ear damage! The van features two vibroacoustic sound lounges, available for 2-6 people to experience sound/sensory sessions. Attendees wear headphones, lay down, and listen to music tracks, hearing an array of musical layers from angles never heard before. The vibrations can be felt where the body touches the bench, enabling guests to lay on the back, side, belly, or sit down. If music is normally heard in a linear fashion, one is able to step outside of the line and observe several dimensions, to even the most familiar tracks.

“The sensory van takes a preconceived 2-dimensional perspective of music, and places the listener in the middle of a 3-dimensional audio-sphere. Sounds that were only heard in the left and right ear, are now felt above, below, in front, behind, to all sides, and all depths of space,” Arin Levy describes.

The uses of the sensory van are as limitless as the places it can go, from the location to different genres of music. It may serve as a safe haven for overstimulated people, from the stresses of everyday life, to neurodivergent people experiencing sensory processing issues. Utilizing the soma (the body) and the senses can be a wonderful tool to be in the present moment, as well as potentially reprocessing past trauma. The versatility of the van means it can be taken to the location of a client, where they can enter their home after a session of dropping into relaxing delta brain waves from hearing binaural frequencies. It can also be taken to scenes of nature, where the macrocosm of the world is further magnified by the microcosm of the sensory capsule.

April Maple (she/they), who dreamt up this concept, holds two degrees in music. They are a classically trained flutist, a collector of music from a wide array of genres (with special love for ambient and drum & bass), and improviser of sound. A music and yoga teacher, and acoustic sound healer in the Denver area, April is no stranger to holding space, creating relationships, and curating or assisting clients in making special playlist journeys. She is also going to school for somatic dance movement therapy, further dedicating a life of reminding others how to stop, slow down, and smell the proverbial roses.

Whether someone desires productive healing rest, a music appreciator nerding out to a multi-dimensional listening experience, or an overstimulated person seeking sanctuary, The Sensory Van is a beautiful novel opportunity, helping shift states of being.


Instagram: @thesensoryvan