So, You Want to Change the Color of Your Speaker?

As you know, the speaker mounts in the face ring and the screen goes in front of it

The face ring and screen come with a chrome finish
Want to change the color?

You have two options:
1. Have the face ring and screen powder-coated
Find a company that does powder-coating
Pros: You can make it any color you want & it’s professionally applied for the best look
Con: Powder-coating can be expensive

2. Spray paint the face ring and screen
We recommend using an epoxy spray paint (appliance paint)
Use a lint free cloth to clean parts with denatured alcohol
Use a well-ventilated space
Caution: Watch for sharp edges on the screen
Hang and spray paint the smooth side of the screen
Spray from different angles to ensure full coverage
Hang and spray paint the face ring
Bake the screen and face ring at 150°F (65°C) for 30 minutes
Pro: The paint is inexpensive
Con: Limited color selection

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