How Tactile Sound Transducers Compare:

Have you ever wondered how the different Tactile Sound Transduces compare?
The TST209 is the entry-level Tactile Sound Transducer
This is a great product that delivers much more output than those cheap, non-USA manufactured transducers
The TST239 Silver Transducer is the next step up
The TST239 is an excellent choice for entry level home-theater and haptic applications
The output from the TST239 is approximately 50% higher than the TST209
The TST329 Gold is our mid-level product
This is the top-selling Tactile Sound Transducer for Military/Commercial Training Simulators, Theme Park Rides, Home Theaters, etc.
The output of the TST329 is approximately 2 times the TST239
The TST429 Platinum is our top performer
This transducer is used in Virtual Reality Stages and in Simulators that demand the highest haptic performance.
The output of the TST429 is approximately 2 times the TST329
Here is how the products compare
Of course, actual results vary with application
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