So many of you have experienced Clark Synthesis products and have let us know how much you love them. However, there has been one major limitation. Most of our Tactile Sound Transducers are designed for indoor use. The AW339 All-Weather™  Pro Transducer has been our only outdoor offering.  That is, until now.

Today we are releasing the new AW439 All-Weather™ Pro 2X.  This is the outdoor version of our most powerful Tactile Sound Transducer, the TST429 Platinum Transducer. What you have experienced in home theaters and indoor staging you can now experience outdoors. You are going to love it. Outdoor decks and stages will never be the same.

We started developing the AW439 Transducer last year, with the first prototypes appearing last summer. On a warm summer day, I took one of the prototypes home along with an AW339 and installed them on my deck. I wanted to compare the AW439 to the AW339. Can I share with you what I discovered?

AW439 All-Weather™ Pro 2X Transducer

My home is in the Colorado mountains, and the deck is constructed of Douglas Fir. Just to compare the products, I first ran the AW339 and certainly enjoyed it.  The music was smooth and delightful. Personally, I find the tactile feedback from the AW339 quite relaxing.

Then, I ran the AW439, and WOW!  It was way beyond my expectations. Suddenly, the deck was like a dance floor on fire. Not only were the bass notes deeper and rounder, the kick drum came through with exceptional power. I was completely blown away.

I walked the deck with shoes and without. The tactile sound seemed to never stop. Where the AW339 excites the deck 4-5 feet (1.2-1.5 m) from the Transducer, the AW439 was powering the wood 10 feet (3.05 m) from the Transducer in all directions. This means that the active area was increased from around 100 ft2 (9.9 m2) to around 400 ft2 (37.2 m2).

What does this mean for your enjoyment?

For many years high-end massage tables have used Clark Synthesis transducers to make the massage an amazing experience with deep relaxation and disappearing anxiety. You can now have that same relaxation. How? By turning your deck into a subwoofer that you can feel. Simply relax on your favorite deck furniture and turn on the music. You will feel the music in your muscles and hear it through your ears and through bone conduction. You will feel the stress fade away.

Maybe you want to host a party on your deck. Simply put on your favorite rock-n-roll music, and you will hear and feel every driving bass note and kick drum in the music.  You may find yourself and your friends dancing the night away.

A  favorite feature of deck activation is that little to none of the audio travels to the neighbors. How does this happen? It’s quite simple. The audio is radiating primarily off the top and bottom of the deck boards, with little of the music radiating from the deck sides. The sound is mostly directed up and down and NOT towards the neighbors.

What about outdoor staging?

We have supplied touring bands with our Prosound429 Thumper for many, many years. Some musicians, like Jim Riley, place the thumper in their seat like this. Some bands activate the entire stage. When multiple thumpers are placed in the staging the musicians play totally in sync. You can now have that same tactile feedback in your outdoor staging. Dancers will perform better. Bands will play better. Everyone will have a more enjoyable time.

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