Helping people working on the bleeding edge of new technology is one of the most enjoyable aspects of working at Clark Synthesis. Their companies develop theme park rides, training simulators, VR experiences, and home cinemas. These designers want the best experience for their customers, and search the world to find it. 

What we have learned is thathese designers rarely choose Clark Synthesis for their first design. They look online and find products that cost less moneyThey ask our low-cost competitors “How does your product compare to Clark Synthesis.” The competitors reply, “We are just like Clark Synthesis, only cheaper.” So, the designers order the cheap products, install them, and then are disappointed with the results. Finallyalmost in desperation, they call us. We educate the designers on the products, and work closely with them to provide excellent large-area haptic feedback. They are overjoyed with the experience, and Clark Synthesis TSTs find their way into more and more designs. That is why we have been in business for 25 years. 

A good example of this was with The Void. For those of you fortunate enough to have experienced The Void, you know that you experienced the best in Immersive Virtual Reality.   

I was in Dallas attending a trade show when my phone buzzed. The call was from “B” at The Void (Yes, I’m protecting his privacy). “B” was looking for help with the haptic feedback in the floor. He explained how they had tried ALL of the other products from the cheap bass shakers to the most expensive kickers. They were not happy with ANY of them. Could Clark Synthesis help? 

The answer, of course, was “Yes.”  We talked about “B’s” disappointments. We talked about the stage flooring. We talked about what The Void wanted their customers to experience. I recommended the TST429 Platinum Transducer. I explained how Clark Synthesis TSTs accurately convert audio into vibrations, and those vibrations are required for accurate haptic feedback. I explained that their flooring, and the people standing the flooring, were a lot of mass to set in motion. “B” liked what he heard and agreed to give us a try.   

It was no surprise when, a few months later, The Void chose the TST429 to activate their stages. I traveled to their headquarters in Linden, Utah, to see how things were going.  I tried the Ghostbusters: Dimension experience. It was so much fun, and the haptic feedback made it feel oh so real. I was surprised when I rode the elevator to the second floor.  I thought, “These guys have created a twostory VR stage.  How cool is that!!” I saved the world, then debriefed with the team. They gave me a tour of the stage without the VR.  That was when I learned that the stage was only one story tall. That elevator was amazingly good VR deception. 

I’ve also done The Void’s Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire experience multiple times, and it has gotten better every time. The small area haptic feedback in the vest let me know every time I was shot. The TST429s helped me clearly experience flying in spaceships and engaging in battles. It was so cool!!