Colorado USA – Home to Chris and Ginger.

Ginger was diagnosed with a non-specific Connective Tissue Disorder in 2008.

She has since had 10 surgeries related to the disorder.

Ginger: “I had rotator cuff repair and bicep tendon repair. I had one of the two bicep tendons that run down your arm almost totally torn. So, that surgery took place a year ago last March. But because I have a connective tissue disorder, they have to be really careful with my rehab. So I wasn’t even allowed to get into rehab till about twice as long as the normal person would. How the whole pool came about was because of this connective tissue disorder, because my muscles tend to tear very easily. After they have constricted they tend not to release, so then if I do any exercise that is a little too difficult as far as strenuous, it causes the tears to happen. I had a rheumatoid doctor, a connective tissue doctor, and a regular doctor all say ‘she really needs a pool’. It not only helps me rehab, which has helped incredibly which you’ll see when I get in the pool, things that I have done to rehab the shoulder. But it’s also the best form of exercise I can have and stay injury free.”

Chris and Ginger came to us asking about underwater speakers for their pool.

Having music play above and below the water helps ginger stay motivated with her exercises.

Ginger: “Well, there is no doubt that when you have music, it makes exercise easier. I mean, not only do you get a beat to kind of go, and a lot of it is what I’m doing, if I’m doing a more hardcore exercise, then I really like a strong you know, whatever. Sometimes I’m coming down to just stretch out and relax and it’s just so we have that venue and now we’ve got it both above and below”.

Chris: “And that’s the nice thing, you get it tuned so that there really is no difference whether your head is above water or your head is under water. So if you’re going to lie back and relax you can have one ear up, one ear down or both ears up or both ears down, it doesn’t matter, you’re hearing the same sound everywhere you go.”

Ginger: “Yeah. When you’re in here, it makes you forget that you’re working hard.”

Clark Synthesis is so happy to know our products are being used to inspire Ginger in her therapy. Thank you, Chris and Ginger, for sharing your story with us.