Today we are releasing a new video comparing the different TSTs (Tactile Sound Transducers). Watching this video will give you some idea of how the different models compare to one another. As always, there is more to the story.  

We offer four levels of TSTsThese range from the TST209 entry level Transducer up to the TST429 Platinum Transducer. Let me put in a note here about the TST209. We build the TST209 for Parts Express, and they have an exclusive for retail sales. Clark Synthesis provides a bulk version of the TST209 for large customers who integrate the TST209 into other products. You can find more information about the TST209 on the Parts Express website.


To simply compare the output of one TST to another can be a little misleading. This is because the Transducers are never used in isolation. The TSTs are always mounted to something, and that something strongly influences system performance.  

Here is an example. When you place a TST429 Platinum Transducer under a platform built with plywood, the results are outstanding. This is how TST429s are often used in museums and home theaters. However, if you place that same TST429 in a platform built with MDF (multi-density fiberboard), the results are disappointing. Plywood does a great job of transmitting vibrations. MDF is designed to resist vibrations, so very little of the TST429’s output gets through.   

We often help customers select the right materials for their applications. Asking questions early saves them lots of money and time in their projects.  We have helped customers select better materials for vibration transmission, like replacing steel with aluminum, or aluminum with wood, depending on what the customer is trying to achieve. 

We also help with replacing those cheap Chinese transducers.  Depending on the application, the TST239 can replace four of the best Chinese-made bass shakers.  (This does not apply to kickers, which are simply shaking devices with no audio fidelity).   

Some years back, had a conversation with a hot-tub manufacturer about one of his spas. He proudly told me that the spa had 8 bass shakers in it. He even told me the make and model of the bass shakers. They were the cheap Chinese-made units. I shared how he could save money by replacing all 8 of the cheap Chinese products with one AW339 Transducer (the all-weather version of the TST329). These savings included simpler wiring, faster installation, reduced labor, easier debugging, and fewer warranty claims. In addition, the sound would be greatly improved. He told me that integrating the 8 transducers had been extremely difficult (no surprise there), and that he was not interested in looking at another technology. I don’t think that company is in business today. 

If you need help with your application, please reach out to us. We are glad to help.  

To see the video, click here.