Researchers find the most clever ways to apply Clark Synthesis technology. They do things like using Tactile Sound Transducers to simulate earthquakes. They use the Underwater Loudspeakers to study how marine life responds to certain sounds.

Here is what an inquiry from a researcher sounds like:

“I’m doing research on using sound waves underwater to destroy fish eggs from invasive species. Can you help?”

“I’m investigating the frequency response of turtles’ hearing in ocean water. Is your underwater speaker full-range?

“I’m doing research to find frequencies that certain fish don’t like. Will your speaker work in a river?”

These amazing people are trying to find answers to some really fascinating questions. They have mounted our products to poles, under dirt, on buoys, suspended from boats, in stands next to coral reefs, and on and on. These folks are simply amazing in what they will do to learn how nature works.

And these inquiries come from across the globe. We have helped researchers figure out how to inject audio into all kinds of natural and man-made materials, and into marine environments like tabletop fish tanks, large aquariums, lakes, rivers, and oceans.

Of course, we feel honored whenever a researcher chooses to use one of our products in their studies. Many of them are kind enough to mention our products in their papers.

If you have used a Clark Synthesis product in your research, and we don’t have your paper listed, we would love to list it.  Please email us at