Why We Do What We Do

Some companies work hard to create Mission Statements, hanging them on the walls of their reception area only to (for the most part) never be read again. Mission Statements are meant to express something about why a company exists; but let’s face it, do they really succeed in inspiring people? …yeah, we didn’t think so either. But even though we like the idea of stating our reason for existing, we’re more interested in remembering why we get up every morning to come to work. I mean, it has to be more than just to earn a paycheck, right? So we sat down and really tried to think on the great things we love about working here at Clark Synthesis, and thus was born our “Why We Do What We Do” Statement. It probably won’t win any inspirational awards, but we like it!

We like to enjoy life.  We believe that with technology and innovation, we can add fun to life’s more ordinary moments.  In everything we do, we challenge convention and push the limits of what’s considered possible. 

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