Visit to the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center

Today, I had the pleasure of driving down to Colorado Springs to visit the United States Olympic Training Center.  For the last four years, it has been my custom to drive down to Colorado Springs to deliver our underwater sound system for use during the synchronized swimming training season.  Then, at the end of the season, I drive down again to pick it up and bring it back to our headquarters in Littleton.  Since the training season ended recently, yesterday was the day I drove down to pick it up.  I always enjoy these trips and feel like I learn a lot each time I visit the center.

This year, my visit proved to be even better than the ones I’ve taken in the past.   I arrived at the center to find a completely emptied Olympic sized swimming pool.  Kevin Moreau, one of the Aquatics Managers at the training center, told me that every four years (after the Paralympic swimmers finish their training) the whole swimming pool is drained so that all major maintenance can be performed.  I saw lots of crews working on both the pool and the facility itself, but one crew I noticed in particular was working on the pool’s grout.  According to Kevin, they will replace approximately 1/3 of it this time around.  Being an Olympic sized pool, that’s a lot of grout!  With all the hard work being put into the pool and building, I think this is going to be one incredibly facility for the coming four years!

It was wonderful to speak with and learn from Kevin on this trip, and I look forward to visiting again in the spring!



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