Trans-Siberian Orchestra


What better way to start off the Christmas season than with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra? We were able to see their currently touring show, “The Christmas Attic,” when they were in town last week. It’s a delightful narrative about the magic of Christmas and memories, perfect for a chilly winter’s night. The concert also showcases some of the most amazing guitars, vocals, orchestration, and drumming, not to mention one of the absolute best light shows in the industry. This year’s stage production included some incredible innovative features, like the largest trunk ever on a stage, opening to reveal the drummer, orchestra, and gigantic video display – along with some of their classic features, like their indoor snowfall, and spinning, elevated platforms for their musicians.

20141115_230758227_iOSWe’ve been long-time friends with TSO as the manufacturers and suppliers of their TST429 Prosound Transducers.  Throughout the years, several of their musicians have used our transducers on tour, relying on them for accurate, high fidelity tactile response. We love getting to see our equipment in action!

You don’t want to miss this show – click here for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s tour dates, or click here for more information about our TST429 Prosound Transducer, so you can see for yourself just what it feels like to be a drummer for TSO!

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