Rascal Flatts Concert

You have to love a band that consistently puts on an amazing show year after year.  Last week, I took my oldest daughter to experience just that when Rascal Flatts performed at the Comfort Dental Amphitheater.  The show had three warm up acts, all of which were worth seeing, and the main event was, of course, outstanding.  We even got to stand right in front of the stage for the entire evening…now that’s what I call fun!

Clark Synthesis has had a relationship for many years with Jim Riley, the Rascal Flatts’ Drummer and Band Leader.  Jim has a pair of Prosound429 Thumpers on his throne that perfectly complements his in-ear monitors.  In addition to being one of the nicest guys you could ever meet, Jim is an amazing drummer. He had the crowd cheering for more as he performed one of the best drum solos I’ve heard in years.

If you get the chance, you should definitely see Rascal Flatts on tour this season.   You’ll have a wonderful time!



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