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What exactly can you do with a transducer or underwater speakers? Read below to see the innovative ways our customers are using Clark Synthesis products every day.


Liquid Vibrations Therapy Pool (AQ339 Diluvio)

liquid vibrations01Liquid Vibrations is a charity registered in England since 2013. We provide underwater listening sessions combined with aquatic body therapy to people with special and complex needs.

The sessions serve to:
Promote relaxation
Provide educational and emotional benefits
Enhance general well being

We also provide basic Watsu training to the carers at the school, this is a life-long skill. We are currently working with researchers at the University of Kent and Roehampton University on weekly session over one term in two schools, The Redway in Milton Keynes and St Nicholas in Canterbury. The researchers observe the participants and their responses to the underwater sounds.

The sounds used are Familiar (melodic lines, rhythms), Abstract (electroacoustic sounds and textures) and Narrative (field recordings, sound effects). We are working currently with individual participants and are observing their responses and we are also working with classes.

To date we have carried out four terms of sessions at three special schools, the reports are available online. We have had very positive response from the children, we have noticed increased relaxation as well as increased mobility for those with lack of mobility, and have had good response from the carers and the headmasters of the schools.

Click Here to visit our website, or Here to see a video of our therapists in action.

From the report at The Bridge School: A carer describes her experience with John. He is described as having an ‘amazing musical memory’ with the ability to quickly repeat a song which is sung directly to him or which he has heard around him.

“He was very active when he first got in. I don’t know how he was last week because I wasn’t with him. He took quite a long time to settle down but he did, found his speakers on his own at the end and then he started to put his head under the water. And just with repeated offering him, modeling, what we were going to do, putting on different floats eventually he got, he wanted to do it and then he couldn’t stop.”


RICMOTECH Simulation Racing Systems (TST239 Silver)

(Click Here to view their product page.)


Trans-Siberian Orchestra in North America (TM429 Prosound)


Trans-Siberian Orchestra was formed in 1996. Their power-packed performances strive to create an emotional response in their audiences and their music is considered by many to be art.

TSO uses the Clark Synthesis TM429 packages to help their drummers and keyboardists stay in sync with their signature fast-paced, energetic compositions.


Sea Turtle Hearing Studies (AQ339 Diluvio)

seaturtle2_800x533Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, Fla., has been conducting hearing studies with two resident loggerhead sea turtles, Shelley and Montego. Using Clark Synthesis Aquasonic Underwater Speakers, we are currently investigating how well these sea turtles can detect the direction sounds come from. By participating voluntarily in this study, Shelley and Montego are helping us understand how well sea turtles perceive the direction of sounds, including the frequencies found in boat engine noise. Results can inform conservation and management programs working to protect wild sea turtle populations and manage threats facing these threatened and endangered reptiles. This study is supported by an IMATA Research Grant.

Visitors to Mote’s public outreach facility, Mote Aquarium, can see Shelley and Montego between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. any day of the week. (www.mote.org)


Outdoor-Indoor-Outdoor Museum Display (TST329 Gold)

Art Museum

A 2008-2009 exhibit at the Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art in Manhattan, Kansas features Clark Synthesis transducers mounted inside custom designed wood furniture. This exhibit, titled Outdoor/Indoor/Outdoor, is an outdoor representation of the inner-workings of a house. The art is designed to show how we are separated from nature, and yet, are still in interaction with natural elements. The transducers are used to activate the wooden cushions of the furniture, which, in turn, resonate with sounds of thunderstorms and birds singing.


School for the Deaf in Norway (TST429 Platinum)

School for the Deaf

One of our distributors, Norwegian Custom Media Solutions, sent us this picture of a construction project being designed into a Norwegian school for the deaf. The design: a “floating floor” that consists of sixteen TST429 Platinum transducers mounted to bridges between the support joists. The purpose: to activate the floor with the transducers, sending various sound signals into the wood. The hope: to give the students the gift of music and song.


Manatee Testing in Florida (AQ339 Diluvio)

ManateeAfter receiving a grant from the Florida Marine Research Institue, a group from New College of Florida began conducting experiments to analyze the hearing capabilities of West Indian Manatees. Utilizing several Clark Synthesis Aquasonic Underwater Speakers, the study is designed to determine how well manatees recognize specific sounds. The hope is that by better understanding the manatees’ hearing ability, wildlife managers will be able to create a system that will help prevent powerboat-related injuries to the manatees.


Immersive Music Environments (TM429 Prosound)

Dave’s Guitar Instruction in St. Charles, MO is a unique instructional studio that gives it’s students a totally immersive experience.  With Clark Synthesis transducers activating the flooring, students get the feel of a live concert performance as they learn to play.

Read Dave’s testimonial here and learn more about his studio.


MOBSIM Simulator in France (TST429 Platinum)


MOBSIM is a cutting-edge company located in France. They specialize in designing and building racing simulators.

The professionals at MOBSIM use Clark Synthesis TST429 Platinum Transducers to activate the racing seat. This added sensation makes the race even more realistic.


US Synchronized Swimming eSynchro Finals (AQ339 Diluvio)

SwimmingClark Synthesis is proud to have been the Official Sound System Supplier for several United States Synchronized Swimming events.

At the 2008 eSynchro Finals in Binghamton, New York, the synchronized swimming teams were treated to crystal-clear sound delivered by four Diluvio™ Underwater Speakers. The reviews of the system were great and Clark looks forward to many years of serving USSS.


Taiz Sonic Lounger in California (TST329 Gold)

LoungerTaiz Design is a company specializing in custom portraiture and therapeutic applications in the wellness and medical industries. Their mission is to provide products and experiences that promote introspection, rejuvenation, and inspiration.

Taiz Design uses Clark Synthesis transducers in their Sonic Lounger. This application is clearly one of the more unique ways Clark products are being integrated into products around the globe.


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  1. Jal Khambatta says:

    I enjoyed reading your description on Taktile sound. I would very much like to build a Taktile sound chair for ny personel listenning since I love classical music. What would be the most reasonably price system I can have. I am 90 this year and I want the most simple unit.
    Thanks, Jal

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