3 Purely Fun Uses For Transducers

Clark Synthesis transducers have a lot of practical uses, but they can also be used just for fun.  Regardless of the application, tactile sound can add enjoyment to the more ordinary moments of life.  Here are three purely entertaining ways to use your tactile sound transducers.

  1. Attaching a transducer to any resonate surface will turn that surface into a speaker.  Because Clark Synthesis transducers are full-frequency, they accurately reproduce the full range of audible sound, which makes them ideal for use as a high-fidelity speaker.
  2. For the video game enthusiast, transducers give you that added sense of reality by making you feel like you’re part of the game.  Just attach a transducer to the bottom of your favorite gaming chair and you’ll actually feel the gun shots, explosions, and the rumble of the engine under your seat… just as if you were inside the game.
  3. If you like to relax with music, you might want to try adding a transducer to your favorite couch or chair.  Even some massage companies use our transducers in massage tables, using the musical vibrations to promote relaxation and rejuvenation.  With a transducer, a comfy chair, and your favorite song, you can experience the same benefits in your own home.


For more interesting applications, check out our Just For Fun page and see how others have enjoyed their Clark Synthesis transducers.


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Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Everyone here at Clark Synthesis is a big fan of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and every year we look forward to when they come to town.  The lights, the staging, the music, the dancing, and the story have somehow weaved their way into a Clark Synthesis-like tradition.  This year was no different, except we were extra excited after catching wind that they had changed up the show.  Not knowing what to expect this year, we excitedly took our seats.

I have to say, I was captivated from the moment the show began.  The new storyline wove together a haunting tale of joy, loss, sorrow and redemption in a way that only TSO can accomplish.  The staging was brilliant, and I am always spellbound by the musicians who rock out while suspended way up in the air – attached to their lift by only a small cord.  And then there’s the singing…all I can say is I’m pretty sure my jaw was on the floor the whole time, as every song was enough to knock me out of my seat.

After the show, we had the opportunity to go backstage and meet some of the band members, who were all unbelievably nice.  Perhaps the best part of the evening for Bill was getting to meet and chat with John O.Reilly, the drummer, about using our transducers in his drum throne.  John was more than generous in his liking of and appreciation for the transducers, and let Bill know how incredibly helpful they are to his performance.

We also got to chat for a bit with Jeff Boguski, the Production Manager, who is always so kind and generous to give us the tickets.  Thank you Jeff and TSO for all that you do, and for helping put us at Clark Synthesis into the Christmas spirit!

– Bethany


(Click here to visit the TSO website and read about the new storyline.  Or better yet, go see the new show for yourself! )



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News from Paris

On a recent trip to Europe, I visited with Pani and Nicolas (Digital Resources/MID) in Paris, our Clark distributors for France, and I attended both the L’Equipe Hotel and SATIS Pro Audio trade shows with them.  At L’Equipe Hotel, our guys partnered with Parisian integrator, Silence, to help create the “Studio Bar” Concept – a demonstration bar environment to showcase technologies to be used in bars and restaurants.

The show organizers invited guest bartenders, guest DJs, and major press contacts to the demo bar – and then used it as a working bar in the evenings at show closing time.  Clark TSTs were used in the wall (back wall of bar) and in the bar counter itself to deliver sound.  I met with Sacha Stark, technical director of Silence and he was incredibly enthusiastic about Clark, raving about the quality of the product and the sound.

The Studio Bar was a big hit at the show and we are hopeful to see new applications for Clark in these pro audio environments.

– Paul

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Prosound Top 10

One of the most intriguing things about the Clark Synthesis transducer is the variety of ways it can be used.  When it comes to the music industry, our transducers, or “thumpers”, are often placed in platforms, underneath musician’s feet, or directly in their seats.  This helps each musician keep time and stay in sync with the other musicians on the stage.  Thumpers are especially helpful for drummers who often have high volume levels coming through their in-ear monitors and, therefore, can run the risk of hearing loss.  When a drummer feels the music through the seat, they can then turn down the volume in their ears while still keeping perfect time and hearing the other musicians.  The intense helpfulness and practicality of using transducers in this capacity has been a main appeal to bands of all genres and popularity.

The latest issue of Prosound magazine published a list of the “Top 10 Tours of the Month”, and on that list were three bands who use our transducers – The Dave Matthews Band, Rascal Flatts, and Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks.  Once again, we are reminded of why we enjoy our work here at Clark Synthesis.  We take a lot of pride in serving the music industry, and truly enjoy our relationships with the bands that use our transducers.  We look forward to furthering those relationships as well as continuing to support their amazing performances by supplying them with top-notch transducers.


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