Dave Matthews Band

Last Friday night, the Clark Synthesis crew made their way to Commerce City, CO to watch Dave Matthews Band play live at Dick’s Sporting Goods Field.  For quite a few years, we’ve enjoyed working with DMB to supply them with our Prosound429 Transducers and we especially love the unique way they get used.  (Check that out here)

What makes the Dave Matthews Band so special to us?  We love their music, the unbelievable musicians, the light show, and watching Carter Beauford on the drums – which is always a special treat.  There’s no doubt he is one of the world’s finest drummers, and we are honored that he loves his Clark Synthesis Prosound429 Transducers.   You can see his drum setup at http://www.beaufordbuddy.com/cb_drum_kit.htm

How would we describe the concert?  The only words that come to mind are incredible….and amazing!    We all want to say a huge, resounding “thank you” to DMB Production Manager, Ian Kuhn, for all of his support!  We had an amazing time and can’t wait to see you next time you’re in Colorado!

Here are just a few pictures from the evening!


Backstagephoto 1

Backstagephoto 2

Carrie (Left) and Bethany (Right).  Photo bomb compliments of Bill and friend.photo 4

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Why We Do What We Do

Some companies work hard to create Mission Statements, hanging them on the walls of their reception area only to (for the most part) never be read again. Mission Statements are meant to express something about why a company exists; but let’s face it, do they really succeed in inspiring people? …yeah, we didn’t think so either. But even though we like the idea of stating our reason for existing, we’re more interested in remembering why we get up every morning to come to work. I mean, it has to be more than just to earn a paycheck, right? So we sat down and really tried to think on the great things we love about working here at Clark Synthesis, and thus was born our “Why We Do What We Do” Statement. It probably won’t win any inspirational awards, but we like it!

We like to enjoy life.  We believe that with technology and innovation, we can add fun to life’s more ordinary moments.  In everything we do, we challenge convention and push the limits of what’s considered possible. 

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Let Us Know Your Thoughts!

Old-FCA-Logo-updatedWe love hearing from our customers, dealers, and everyone else who is interested in our products!  At Clark Synthesis, we value all our relationships and are constantly searching for ways to improve our products and service to you.

Do you have a question or comment about one of our products?  Feel free to call us at 303-797-7500 or just fill out this form.  We’d love your feedback!

We want to hear from you!



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Gaming Transducers

“I was a lot more in tune with what was going on in the game and I could feel the moves I was doing. It was a really cool experience.” – Kerry

Most gaming accessories serve to enhance the audio/visual aspects of a game, but don’t necessarily change or add anything to it.  Our transducers not only enhance your gaming experience; they add a whole new dimension by adding the sense of feeling to the mix.

According to Dalibor Dimovski, the founder of the gaming website SideQuesting.com, “The magic that Clark Synthesis has bottled inside of these mini-UFOs is pretty incredible, at least based on my month with the TST329 Gold.”  He goes on to say the transducer is “…a nicely enhanced, very welcome way to enjoy games, and one that I look forward to trying with every game I have just to feel the results.”  He then decided to purchase the demo unit to do just that!

Transducers work by taking the audio information from the game and turning it into vibrations that you can both feel and hear through your body.  In more technical terms, this is called hearing through bone conduction.   When you attach a transducer to a game chair, or any seat, you’ll feel the sound effects through your body making it seem like you’re inside the game, not just playing it from the outside!

One frequent question we get asked at Clark Synthesis is about the difference between our transducers.  It’s a valid question considering their price range and variability of application, and even though the answer is important, it’s still pretty simple.  In short, the difference between our transducers is simply one of power as the impact you feel with each transducer is on a continuum from softer to stronger.  For serious gamers, we suggest either the TST239 Silver or TST329 Gold transducer.

Check out the full review of our TST329 Gold Transducer by SideQuesting.com here

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