Product Clips

While Bill was in Amsterdam last week for ISE 2014 (more on that soon!), he had the opportunity to give a short introduction to our favorite products: the Platinum and Gold transducers, and our underwater speaker. Check out these clips to see what he had to say.


For more details on our transducers, click here.

Check out our underwater speaker here.

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Oh But It’s Cold Outside…

As the chilly weather comes upon us here in the northern hemisphere, you may be winterizing your pool and wondering what to do with your underwater speakers. If your pool runs the risk of freezing this winter, follow these tips for protecting your speakers against the ice:

  • Always install speaker below the freeze line, under the ice.
  • If speaker is already installed above the freeze line, take the it out of the niche and allow it to rest on the bottom of the pool.
  • If there is not enough speaker cable to do that, place a crate on the bottom of the pool and allow the speaker to rest on the crate; do not let the speaker hang by the its cable.

Generally speaking, your Diluvio Underwater Speaker should be fine staying in the water through the winter. If you have our Aguaceiro Outdoor Speaker, check out this great clip to see how it stands up to wintery conditions.


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Paul Sabbah

One of the joys of business is the wonderful people you get to work with.  Super vendors, fabulous customers, amazing employees, and, of course, Paul Sabbah.  Paul has been representing Clark Synthesis products around the world for many years.  He is one of those people you are excited to hear from, delighted to work with, and thrilled with the results that he delivers.

Paul has been a very active member of CEA, and is very highly respected by everyone in the industry.  He is part of the team that delivers the Innovation Entrepreneur Awards. You can see Paul on the latest CE video here

If you are located outside the US or Canada, and you are interested in Clark Synthesis products, contact Paul at I have no doubt that you will enjoy working with him as much as we do.


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Cedia 2013

As the new kid in the office, I had my first opportunity to go to the Cedia Expo last week. I was blown away by everything the home tech field has to offer – from comfy seating and crystal clear projector displays to focal speakers taller than me.

I took about two steps on to the show floor and was overwhelmed. Dozens of booths surrounded me, each glittering with signs and displays. Like many, I found myself drawn to an impressive demo of Sony’s 4k large screen projection with native 4k source material. The video of Rio de Janeiro’s Carnaval parade was stunningly lifelike, with incredible detail, color and range.

As I was walking down the next aisle, a large game screen caught my eye. The display was shining on a plain whiteboard – and yet, when another attendee swiped his hand across the game, the pieces moved. Keytec, Inc. has created a way to convert almost any surface into a touch screen, whether a monitor, white board, even a wall. I played Candy Crush on a piece of dry wall for a few minutes before wandering on.

A filmed demonstration of a waterproof TV being hosed down caught my eye next, followed by an ultra-wide panoramic projector system. There was row after row of home theater chairs, each more comfortable than the last, and no end to the number of innovative and fun new home theater ideas. Can’t wait to see what they come out with next year!

Cedia Expo 2013

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