Notes from CES Las Vegas 2012

It’s nice to be back at the CES show this year.  I noticed something I haven’t seen for the last couple of years – more people smiling.  There seems to be a real positive feeling among the attendees.  Some of the displays also reflect this feeling.

LG has a gigantic wall of 3D TVs and a 3D custom video that is spectacular.  It was fun to see Earth Wind & Fire in concert at the Sony pavilion.  Of course, there are the other fun things like the dancing and singing robot.  This guy must be somewhere between 6 and 7 feet tall! The Ultrabooks being promoted by Intel are amazingly thin.

Once again, I’ve seen displays of 3D TVs that don’t require glasses, but they just don’t look that great.  No matter, Sharp has taken some of the advanced video processing from their top-of-the-line models and put in into their lower-end TVs.  The depth is amazing.  It may be a close as you can come to no-glasses 3D that looks fantastic.  Sharp also showed their 8K monitor with custom 8K video.  This TV displays eight times the video information of a 1080p set.  They have brought a new level of realism to video.

Of course, I’m always looking for new technology for Clark Synthesis customers.  I may have found some.  Its prototype technology now, but has some real possibilities.


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