Notes from the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) Exhibition

Greetings to all from Amsterdam, the site of the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) exhibition.  I am here visiting with Clark dealer partners who annually attend this growing A/V show.

On Wednesday, I met with Ed Quintens from HiFiFan in Belgium who told me about the project he completed last year using Clark TSTs in the platform under 23 massage chairs on a Spa/Wellness Sea Craft called SeaSens.  The chairs are located in a room which features a laserlight and sound show designed to sooth and relax visitors while delivering “Full Contact Audio” to everyone with Clark transducers!

Frank Hanish from MediaCraft Germany, our distributor in Frankfurt, showed me photos of the amazing new outdoor audio showroom he is creating outside Frankfurt. Frank is renovating a farmhouse and turning it into a wonderful demo location where events will be held to demonstrate all the great outdoor audio technologies which MediaCraft distributes, including the Aquasonic Outdoor Living products.

I also checked in with Clark partners from France (Pani Norindr from Digital Resources), Norway (Maik Maagero from NCM),  Switzerland (Alexander Daum, Tech Supply), Poland (Rafal Kolankiewicz, Qualitec) and Turkey (Remzi Devecioglu, Forum Electronik), giving them updates on the upcoming Aguaceiro MultiClimate outdoor speaker.

My thanks to Bob Snyder from Channel Media, creator of the Rave Europe website and newsletter for providing meeting space at ISE.

Paul Sabbah

Stamford International


Amsterdam Windmill

Prinsengracht, Amsterdam

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