News from Paris

On a recent trip to Europe, I visited with Pani and Nicolas (Digital Resources/MID) in Paris, our Clark distributors for France, and I attended both the L’Equipe Hotel and SATIS Pro Audio trade shows with them.  At L’Equipe Hotel, our guys partnered with Parisian integrator, Silence, to help create the “Studio Bar” Concept – a demonstration bar environment to showcase technologies to be used in bars and restaurants.

The show organizers invited guest bartenders, guest DJs, and major press contacts to the demo bar – and then used it as a working bar in the evenings at show closing time.  Clark TSTs were used in the wall (back wall of bar) and in the bar counter itself to deliver sound.  I met with Sacha Stark, technical director of Silence and he was incredibly enthusiastic about Clark, raving about the quality of the product and the sound.

The Studio Bar was a big hit at the show and we are hopeful to see new applications for Clark in these pro audio environments.

– Paul

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