Looking Forward to 2013

Over the last year, Clark Synthesis product lines went through a few changes. To name a few, the Aquasonic® Underwater Speaker got re-named to the Diluvio™, we added fully weatherproof speakers (the Aguaceiro™ and the Torden™) to our outdoor living product line, and then we made Aquasonic® the brand name for the whole line of outdoor living speakers. Finally, when the cost of neodymium (a rare earth metal used in our transducers and underwater speakers) stabilized after a huge cost increase, we were able to bring down prices on most products and pass the savings onto our dedicated customers. Now that it’s 2013, the changes are still rolling in.

As the New Year begins, we’re still adjusting to moving manufacturing back to the US, a process that will be complete sometime in the spring. We also have plans to make the current Diluvio™ Underwater Speaker available in four different configurations. It will be the same amazing underwater speaker that we’ve always produced, but will soon be able to fit into just about any type of pool.  Specifically, the new configurations will allow for much easier retrofitting.

We’re so thankful for everyone who sells and uses our products, and we’re really excited to be providing even more innovation in the coming year. As we look ahead, we welcome both the fun and challenging times it will bring.

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