Prosound Top 10

One of the most intriguing things about the Clark Synthesis transducer is the variety of ways it can be used.  When it comes to the music industry, our transducers, or “thumpers”, are often placed in platforms, underneath musician’s feet, or directly in their seats.  This helps each musician keep time and stay in sync with the other musicians on the stage.  Thumpers are especially helpful for drummers who often have high volume levels coming through their in-ear monitors and, therefore, can run the risk of hearing loss.  When a drummer feels the music through the seat, they can then turn down the volume in their ears while still keeping perfect time and hearing the other musicians.  The intense helpfulness and practicality of using transducers in this capacity has been a main appeal to bands of all genres and popularity.

The latest issue of Prosound magazine published a list of the “Top 10 Tours of the Month”, and on that list were three bands who use our transducers – The Dave Matthews Band, Rascal Flatts, and Rod Stewart & Stevie Nicks.  Once again, we are reminded of why we enjoy our work here at Clark Synthesis.  We take a lot of pride in serving the music industry, and truly enjoy our relationships with the bands that use our transducers.  We look forward to furthering those relationships as well as continuing to support their amazing performances by supplying them with top-notch transducers.


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