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Underwater Pool Speakers

Buyer’s Guide

Twenty years ago, very few people had heard of underwater loudspeakers. Today, they are one of the hottest accessories for new pool construction. Whether used for lap swimming, relaxation, or just playing with the kids, underwater speakers provide pool enthusiasts with music that completes the swimming pool experience.

Tactile Sound Transducers

Buyer’s Guide

Placing high-fidelity, tactile sound transducers in your home theater adds a new level of enjoyment to your movie-watching experience.  Using time-proven technology, transducers allow you to “hear” audio through your body, helping you feel more connected to the movie you are watching.


Outdoor Speakers

Buyer’s Guide

Whether you have a condo patio, an  inner city porch, or a backyard of a few acres, a durable outdoor speaker will enhance any situation.  The following guide will help you in your search for the perfect outdoor speaker.

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