Gamechair Promo Video

I have to admit, working wasn’t exactly at the top of my to-do list last weekend.  But when I realized my project involved filming a bunch of friends playing a racing game, it started to sound more like a fun time than a work project and I started to get excited.

So here’s the idea:  Clark Synthesis Tactile Sound Transducers (TST’s) are pieces of equipment that add the element of realism to movies, music, and video games by providing tactile feedback (see Tactile Sound).  Essentially, tactile feedback allows a person to feel like they’re “inside” a movie or, in this case, like they’re really driving a racecar in the game Gran Turismo 5…

To attach the TST329 Gold Transducer to the bottom of the gamechair- a PlaySeat WRC- Bill made a mount to go underneath the seat and then attached the transducer to it.   (Be looking forward to an upcoming video on how to install a transducer to your gamechair).  Once the transducer was hooked up to an amplifier, we were off to the races.

Now let me just say that none of my friends are very big gamers and I don’t think they knew what to expect before getting into the gamechair, but they each took turns getting in the “rig” and playing first without the tactile feedback and then with it.  The difference was….well, tangible!   I got to film all their facial expressions as they turned from enjoyment of a fun video game into shock and surprise as they began to feel the pavement underneath them.  After experiencing the game with and without the tactile feedback, I asked them how it felt.

Here are a few pics from the filming along with their responses:

"It's almost addicting, I'd probably do it all day everyday if I could." - Gretchen


“I’m not into games very much…but it was like I was actually in a NASCAR race. I can’t see any other way of playing without that effect.” - Ashley


“You could feel the bumpiness of the road. It made it a lot more realistic.” - Ryan


“I was a lot more in tune with what was going on in the game and I could feel the moves I was doing. It was a really cool experience.” – Kerry


“That was awesoooooome!” - Jacob

On all accounts, the gamechair experience with the transducer was a success.  I had a ton of fun filming it, so be on the lookout for the promo video coming soon!


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