Fleetwood Mac

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing Fleetwood Mac at the Pepsi Center here in Denver, CO.  The show was fabulous (of course!) and those guys prove what amazing musicians they are every time I see them.

If you’re able to catch Fleetwood Mac on tour, and you’re seated next to the stage on stage right, you’ll notice a guy playing drums behind Mick Fleetwood.  Well, that’s Steve Rinkoff, and he’s the guy who takes care of Mick’s setup for every show.  Steve always raves about the Prosound429 Transducers, and says that Mick doesn’t even like to play without them.  From what I’ve heard, Mick has used all the other products on the market, but continues to use Clark Synthesis transducers year in and year out.

We have really enjoyed our relationship with Fleetwood Mac and we feel so honored to be their choice for tactile feedback.  We hope to serve them for many years to come!


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