Filming at 7,500 feet in the Rockies!

We just wrapped up our newest video shoot on our new Aguaceiro™ MultiClimate Airspeaker and was this ever a fun one!

To obtain our video footage, we traveled to 7500 feet (2286 meters) altitude up a mountain here on the front range of Colorado, and we buried the speaker in 4 feet (1.2 meters) of snow.  The recorded temperature at the time was around 10 degrees F (-12 degrees C).

The next day, we returned to the site and used a shovel to dig out the speaker. Just before we began filming, a cloud dropped in on our mountaintop location, and the humidity spiked. Suddenly, the frigid cold felt like it was going right through my winter clothing, and we wished we had winter camping gear! The cloud soon lifted, and we began making the video. If you hear my teeth chattering when you watch the video online, you’ll know how incredibly cold it was the day of this shoot.

You will have to see our video on the new Aguaceiro™ MultiClimate Airspeaker to see the results, including the hole I accidentally put in the speaker grille. Our graphic designer at Clark Synthesis is editing it now, and it will be posted on our website very soon.

Here are Clark Synthesis, we are all looking forward to the official March 1st launch date of the Aguaceiro™!



Watch the video here!

Bill standing next to buried Aguaceiro

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