FAQ: How Do Our Transducers Differ?

One frequent question we get asked at Clark Synthesis is “what’s the main difference between your three transducers?”  It’s a valid question considering their price range and variability of application, and even though the answer is important, it’s still pretty simple.  We want all our customers to be confident they’re buying the right product for their needs, so here’s a quick rundown of the answer.

Simply put, the difference between our transducers is one of power.  The make, quality, and durability are all the same but the impact you both feel and hear with each transducer is on a continuum from softer to stronger.  Think of it like the difference between a lawn mower engine, a V-8 engine, and a jet engine.  All three work very well in the application for which they were designed, but the power levels are very different.  The stronger the transducer, the more capable it is to handle more powerful applications.

The TST239 Silver Transducer is the least powerful of the three.  It needs to be installed in furniture with thin cushions in order to be felt, as the impact would get lost in thicker padding and cushions.  It is perfect for light furniture and game chairs, which makes it the best choice for anyone wanting to add another level of reality to their gaming. (Keep in mind that even though the Silver transducer is the least powerful in the Clark Synthesis line, it is still more powerful than most other transducers on the market.)

The TST329 Gold transducer, our mid-level, has approximately double the output of the Silver and can be easily felt through thick furniture and strong materials.  Because the Gold is approximately twice as strong as the Silver, the sound and the vibrations are twice as intense.  Likewise, the Platinum transducer is approximately twice as strong as the Gold, which makes it the most powerful transducer in the Clark Synthesis line.  The TST429 Platinum puts out the strongest and most intense vibrations of the three and is strong enough to vibrate very plush furniture, large platforms, and even whole concert stages.  Because of their strength of output, our Gold and Platinum transducers are frequently used in military training simulators.

Well, that’s the basic idea.  Hopefully this helps distinguish the difference between our transducers and helps you determine which level is best for you.  No matter what, you’ll be getting an amazing product that is sure to enhance movie-watching, music-playing, or gaming.  Or maybe you can think of another great way to use them!

Check out our Just For Fun page to see some fun ways that others have used our transducers.

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