Dave Matthews Band

Last Friday night, the Clark Synthesis crew made their way to Commerce City, CO to watch Dave Matthews Band play live at Dick’s Sporting Goods Field.  For quite a few years, we’ve enjoyed working with DMB to supply them with our Prosound429 Transducers and we especially love the unique way they get used.  (Check that out here)

What makes the Dave Matthews Band so special to us?  We love their music, the unbelievable musicians, the light show, and watching Carter Beauford on the drums – which is always a special treat.  There’s no doubt he is one of the world’s finest drummers, and we are honored that he loves his Clark Synthesis Prosound429 Transducers.   You can see his drum setup at http://www.beaufordbuddy.com/cb_drum_kit.htm

How would we describe the concert?  The only words that come to mind are incredible….and amazing!    We all want to say a huge, resounding “thank you” to DMB Production Manager, Ian Kuhn, for all of his support!  We had an amazing time and can’t wait to see you next time you’re in Colorado!

Here are just a few pictures from the evening!


Backstagephoto 1

Backstagephoto 2

Carrie (Left) and Bethany (Right).  Photo bomb compliments of Bill and friend.photo 4

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