Tactile Sound Transducers

For years, Clark Synthesis Transducers have given people what no other product can…another dimension to movies, music, and gaming.  When attached to furniture or platforms, these transducers turn sound into vibrations, allowing you to actually feel the tremble of earthquakes, the rumble of engines, or the kick of a drum.  With a Clark Synthesis Transducer, you’ll feel sound and start to experience movies, music, and gaming like never before!


TST429 Platinum Transducer

TST429 Platinum
The TST429 Platinum transducer is the most powerful transducer available from Clark Synthesis. With approximately double the output of its TST329 Gold counterpart, the TST429 is perfect for platform installation, geared toward those audio/video enthusiasts who revel in its maximum performance for the ultimate home theater experience.

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TST329 Gold Transducer

TST329 Gold

The TST329 Gold transducer is a rock solid performer providing superb sound fidelity and efficiency in any audio/video application including, but not limited to, home theater furniture and commercial/military training simulators. The Gold can be mounted vertically or horizontally and is our number one work horse in sound performance and versatility.

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TST239 Silver Transducer

TST239 Silver

The TST239 Silver transducer is a great choice for the most entry-level audio applications, but don’t let that fool you. This transducer can be mounted vertically or horizontally and has more than twice the output of competing products. Its dependable performance shines as it takes your movies and video games to a whole new level, without depleting your finances. With its affordability and solid performance, it’s easy to see why it should be your first choice for home theater and gaming.

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