Prosound 429

For many years, Clark Synthesis has been supplying musicians, stage managers, and equipment technicians with tactile sound transducers. The reason; Clark transducers help drummers, bassists, vocalists, and other instrumentalists “tighten up” their performance while reducing the amount of sound being sent through their monitors. This results in better sounding music and reduced strain on the musicians’ hearing.

But how, you ask? It’s all accomplished by connecting the most powerful transducer in the Clark lineup, the Prosound429, to drum thrones, platforms, and stage risers. Then, by sending the desired signal through the transducers (such as the kick drum signal) the musicians can “feel” the beat without having to “hear” the beat.

This phenomenon, known as tactile sound, has become an industry favorite, especially among drummers and performers who play in extremely loud venues.



With the Prosound429 Platinum Thumper being the most powerful thumper available from Clark Synthesis, it is the clear choice for inclusion in our Prosound Package. The Prosound429 Package consists of (1) Prosound429 Platinum Thumper, (1) TC-101 Amplifier Interface with (2) Speakon Connectors, (1) Gig Bag, and all of the hardware necessary for mounting it to a drum throne or platform.



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TC101 Amplifier Interface with (2) Speakon Connectors. The TC101 serves as a peak limiter to protect the Prosound429.

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TM21 Gig Bag

TM21 Gig Bag with front pocket for Transporting the Prosound429

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TM21 Gig BagTC101Prosound429

The Prosound Package includes one Prosound429 Platinum Thumper/Transducer, one TC101 Amplifier Interface with (2) Speakon Connectors and the TM21 Gig Bag.

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