Diluvio™ Underwater Speaker


 Product Information:

The Diluvio™ Underwater Speaker is the world’s only full-frequency, full-fidelity underwater speaker. This state of the art speaker adds high-quality sound to your pool, enabling a wide array of swimming enthusiasts to enjoy the gift of music below the water’s surface.

  • Full-frequency underwater sound
  • In-wall or drop-in
  • Perfect for residential pools, lap pools, divers and synchronized swimming teams

Product Information:

Installation Manual
Hayward Installation Manual

Jandy Installation Manual
Buyer’s Guide

3 Responses to Diluvio™ Underwater Speaker

  1. Olivia says:

    Hello, I am extremely interested in buying one of these speakers for an artwork. How much are they selling for?

  2. Gary Furman says:

    Good day.

    Do you have a dealer in South Africa? I am looking to buy product for a specific project. Underwater speaker for entertainment purposes in a swimming pool.

    Thank you


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