Dave’s Guitar Instruction – St. Charles, MO

“Hi, I’m Dave Milliken with Dave’s Guitar Instruction. We are the leading innovators of Immersive Music Environments. We built our first Immersive Studio in 2010 as an environment for group guitar instruction. Each learning station was equipped with headphones for both privacy and to accentuate the Immersive Experience. One criteria for the studio was the simulation of the bass frequencies one might experience at a live concert without the sound pressure levels normally needed to achieve such an effect. After a great deal of research and experimentation, we decided the Clark Synthesis products were the way to go for our state of the art studios. Their low profile designs were perfect for fitting beneath our 4″ platform and we were blown away by the output levels of the Platinum series transducers. So much so that we needed fewer transducers than we initially thought to effectively meet the demands of eight students on a single platform.

The transducers perfectly fill in the bass frequencies missing from the headphone mix and provide the tactile effect we were looking for. We love the look on the faces of students when they put on their headphones and experience the thumping low end it for the first time! These transducers can handle a wide range of frequencies but with a crossover you can hone in on just the right frequencies for the best effect with minimal ambient sound. The bottom line is we wanted only the best and that’s what we got. We love these things! Whether you are considering the Silver, Gold or Platinum transducers, you can’t go wrong with Clark Synthesis!”






Email info@davesguitarinstruction.com to purchase Clark Synthesis products or to inquire about having your own Immersive Instruction Studio.

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